Cafe Neve West Coast NZ

Cafe Neve West Coast NZ

François Goosen is a passionate business owner based in Fox Glacier on the West Coast. He has owned and run Café Nevé for four and a half years; and he is not only passionate about his business, he also desperately loves the West Coast.

When we spoke to François recently he explained that running a business on the West Coast can have a unique set of challenges, including road closures, wonky internet and power outages. However, he laughed heartily and said, “They breed us tough on the West Coast!”

François and Lynley connected four years ago and the Launch team stepped in to help with the financial side of the hospitality business. François explained, “There are two things you need to know about me; one I am not technology-minded, and secondly, I just can’t be bothered.”  The good news is that François knows how to make an exceptional scone and whip up a world-class flat white. He sticks to what he is good at and leaves the rest to the Launch team.

When we asked him what he likes most about working with Lynley he said, “Total peace of mind; I don’t need to worry about a thing.” He said, “ I ask a question and quickly get an answer. Lynley tells me what to pay and when, and I do it. I absolutely love Lynley.”

Well we absolutely loved talking to François; his energy and dedication to his business are clear and from our conversation we think he loves working with Lynley almost as much as he loves the West Coast. Almost.